Amal Surah To Protect From Jinn Harm – Amal To Remove Jinn 

Amal To Protect From Jinn

If you’re experiencing troubles from jinnat, then you need instant protection. With the help of Islamic amal and surah, you can secure yourself from the problems of jinnat. When you practice the amal to protect from jinn, no matter how much they try to hurt you or harm you they will never be able to. If you’re afraid of the things that a jinnat can do to you, then you should instantly perform the amal to protect from jinn. The amal is very powerful and will secure you, your family and house. They will be harmless all their life.

Amal To Remove Jinn

Sometimes, you see signs of jinn at your place. If you know that jinn have been living at your place and they are not ready to leave the house at any cost, then you should perform the amal to remove jinn. The amal will help you eradicate the jinn from your house. They will leave the house and never come back. If the jinn has been creating problems for you in the house, then you should immediately get the amal to remove jinn and free yourself from all the troubles that the jinn has casted on you.

If by any chance you are not able to get married because of the jinnati effect on you and your life, then it is very important that you safeguard yourself for a happy marital life. You should perform the amal to protect jinn from harm. With the help of this amal, you will able to wipe out all the restrains that the jinn has casted on you and Insha Allah, very soon you will be married and they will not be able to create any problem in your marriage.

Amal To Protect  Jinn From Harm

Amal To Protect  Jinn From Harm

You can get the amal to protect jinn from harm from our molvi Sai Peer ji. Our Molvi Sai Peer ji  has dealt with jinnat problems from a very long time and he has all the knowledge to remove jinn and to secure people from jinnat effect. Just explain the problem that you have been facing and Insha Allah; you will never experience any more troubles in your life.

The procedure for the amal for protection from jinn is mentioned below:

Make ablution.

Sit on a tidy place.

Perform this amal in morning as well as evening till the jinnat goes away from your life and house.

Recite Bismillah Hir Rehmanir Raheem

Surah To Protect From Jinn 

Recite the quranic Surah to protect from jinn – “Al Lazee Ya Dhurru Ma’ As Mihi Shai Yin Fi Hil Arzi Wala Fihil Sama’ai Wa Huwas Samiyul Aleem Sala Sa Mar Rateen Fa Ya Dhurru Shai Yin”

You need to recite this ayat from the Surah to protect from jinn 7 times in the morning and 7 times in evening.

Pray to Allah (swt) to keep you protect from jinn and to get rid of them. Insha Allah, you will see that very soon they will be out of your life and you will be free from them.


If the amal doesn’t work for you, it means that the jinn is very strong. You should instantly speak to our molvi Sai Peer ji about it and get his guidance in your case.


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