Easy Full Moon Spells To Get Love Back – Candle Spells To Bring Lover Back

Full Moon Spells To Get Your Love Back

One can do anything to bring their love back in their life. Regardless of the reason why your lover has left you and is not ready to listen to you at all, the easy full moon spells to get your love back are your one stop solution to divert the mind of your lover from all the wrong things and bring them back to you. It revitalizes your relationship and mends the broken parts. It heals your relationship and makes your relationship stable and filled with love.

If your lover has left you because he finds you boring and completely incompatible, but you simply love him/ her and cannot think of living a single minute without him/ her, then the full moon love magic spells will work for you. It will bring your lover back to you and help them adjust as per your nature. They will turn compatible for you and make compromises in your name. They will be ready to sacrifice anything for you. The easy full moon spells to get your love back will win your lover till eternity for you and you both will be very happy together.

Easy Full Moon Spells For Love Back

Spells For Love Back

If your lover is seeing someone else and because of this, he/ she is losing their interest in you and it has really saddened you, then do not worry! The easy full moon spells for love back will help you win them back in your life. Your lover will realize his/ her love for you and come back to you. They will plead guilty for their fault and will never repeat it again. Your lover will become loyal and will never leave you for anyone else. You can acquire the easy full moon spells for love back from our astrologer.

With extreme knowledge in this field, our astrologer is the only person to help you with black magic and witchcraft spells cautiously. But, make sure you do it for the right cause. Explain the complete scenario to him and he shall provide you with the best possible easy full moon candle spell to bring lover back. Do it in his guidance to get 100% success rate!

Easy Full Moon Candle Spell To Bring Lover Back

The full moon love magic spells is given here:

  • Perform this spell on a full moon night, if it Friday, then it is perfect.
  • Freshen up and be tidy
  • You will be needing pink or green candle, jasmine oil, paper, pink or green pen, rosemary, envelope, rose petals, incense burner, dragon’s blood incense and thyme.
  • Charge the candle with jasmine oil and keep in the holder. Cleanse your herb and charge them and burn the incense.
  • Take paper and pen and write a letter to your lover and write all you feel for him/ her and why you want your lover back in your life.
  • Write as much as you want.
  • Keep it on the table and put the candle along with holder on it. Sprinkle rose petals, herbs around the holder on the paper in heart shape.
  • Light the candle saying this flame showcases by burning desire. I summon the energies to bring to me my ex lover.
  • Chant this as much as you can.
  • Once done, keep the candle aside and fold the paper with petals and herbs and keep it in an envelope.
  • Seal it with wax. Keep the candle on the envelope and let it completely burn out. Very soon, your lover will come back to you.


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