How To Convince Parents For Love Marriage By Astrology Mantras

Do you want to get married? Are your parents not agreeing for love marriage? Do you want to convince your parents for love marriage?

If yes, then it is possible with the help of these mantras on how to convince parents for love marriage.

Every person wishes to marry the person they love. Sometimes, it is not easy to marry the person you desire to have in your life. Even if the couples have agreed for marriage, the acceptance of parents holds utmost importance. Nobody likes to go against the wish of their parents.

Methods To Convince Parents for Love Marriage

It becomes easy to settle life with a person you love with the blessings of your parents. However, if the parents are not giving their consent for marriage, it becomes very difficult to think about your relationship further. You are left broken and your dreams are completely smashed.

But you need not get disheartened as we are bringing to you powerful mantras to convince your parents for love marriage by astrology.

Convince Parents for Love Marriage by Astrology

Yes, it is not any harder to please your parents to marry the love of your choice. Astrology is a branch of Vedas that has always helped humans to overcome any challenges in their path. These mantras on how to convince parents for love marriage by astrology provide the solutions for love marriage.

The method to chant the mantra is prescribed below:

  • First take a jug full of water
  • Now put this jug under the light of sun
  • Now imagine yourself as a bride wearing a bridal dress and see your face into the water for 10 minutes.
  • Now chant these words
  • “I need to get hitched soon’’ and pour this water in a plant.
  • Continue doing this procedure for one month.

With the help of these mantras you will get married soon and no hurdle will come in your marriage.

Mantra to Convince Parents for Love Marriage

 You can also recite the Kamdev mantra to convince parents. One must recite this mantra on Diwali or Holi night. Recite the manta before sun rises or before the sun sets.

 Taatou Yaayou Raaaampurogmaaihaa Shaaaanehaa

Srigaaaal Maadhaayaadiv Bhaaaaghaarudhaaaati

You can recite this mantra for 108 times.

One can also recite the Ganesha mantra for love marriage

Om Shri Ganesham Vidhnesham Vivahaharthe Te Namah 

It must be recited 108 times for 11 days and you need to keep the photo of your lover on the worship place.

Whether you want to do intercaste marriage you can chant this mantra for gaining your parent’s consent for love marriage. This mantra helps in convincing your parents and getting their support for intercaste love marriage.

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