Prayer For Him To Call Me Immediately

Sometimes, you and your love fight so hard that things end up badly. Now you wait for his call day and night showing your ego and not taking the initiative. Well, if you and your lover have fought and it was his mistake and now you are waiting for his call, but he is not calling then what do you do? The only option left with you is recite the prayer for him to call me immediately and very soon he will give you a call on his own.

Prayer For Him To Contact Me As Soon As Possible

The situation isn’t complicated always. For instance, if you have met someone for the first time and you like that person but in order to begin your love life, you do not want to take the first step, then you should recite the prayer for him to contact me as soon as possible. The prayer will create similar feelings in his heart and he will make a call to you or get in touch with you anyhow as soon as possible.

If you and your husband have fought disastrously and there is no scope of anything to work out but you still miss him and want him back, then you should recite the prayer for him to contact me as soon as possible. The prayer for him to call me immediately will make him miss you and he shall contact you very soon. Your relationship will revive and your family will be together again like before.

Prayer For Him To Answer My Calls

Prayer For Him To Answer My Calls

If your boyfriend or husband has broken up with you because he is seeking interest in someone else, then do not lose heart. The prayer for him to answer my calls will help you get in contact with him and he will acknowledge all you say and come back to you. Things will sort out and you will never lose him again to someone else. There will be no more confusion and misunderstandings between you both and you will be happy together.

The prayer to make him call me now is mentioned below –

Oh God, I come to you to plead you to help you get in contact with him. I keep trying to get to him, but he doesn’t answer. I am really scared of losing him and I want him to come back to me on his own. God please help us get back together like before.

I am worried about him and I don’t understand why he is so angry with me. I love him a lot and I pray that he gives me a call back. Lord, I also pray for a healthy relationship with him. He means everything to me and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Please God help me

In the name of Jesus we pray.


The prayer to make him call me now is very powerful and will help you achieve desired results. Do not give up on the Almighty for only He knows what’s right for you. Keep your heart clean and soul pure when you recite the prayer.



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