Prayer To Recover Your Lost Love

The pain of lost love is irrecoverable. You miss him/ her every time and cry in agony. You do not know what to do to bring them back in your life. You try hard and convince your lover, but if everything else fails, then you should pray to God and recite the prayer to recover your lost love. The prayer is the genuine love spell which will bring your lover back in your life and all the misunderstanding and problems will get sorted on their own. Recite the prayer to recover your lost love with sincere dedication and devotion for the person you love and crave for and very soon he/ she will come back to you. If you have had an argument or fight with your lover or there has been some miscommunication between you and your lover which has separated you, you should recite the prayer to bring your ex back.

Prayer To Bring Your Ex Back

The powerful prayer to bring back lost love will ease the procedure and very soon your ex will come back in your life. Your lover will make up with you and all the bitter feelings will change for the good. Your lover will be very happy with you and there will be no more arguments between you two.

For the prayer to bring your ex back, you need six candles of different colors- red, blue, yellow, green and 2 pink. Enlighten them as per their corresponding positions i.e. site them in the corresponding positions before lighting all.

Red = south, Green= north, Blue =west, Yellow= east. Put the two pink candles in between the 4 candles. Now turn your face towards the red candle and recite this prayer, till you feel you have done it successfully.

“Beautiful Goddess, powerful God, hear my prayer! Lord of the fire, burn my desire, times three if it is meant to be… Bring (the name of your lover) back to me.”

Powerful Prayer To Bring Back Lost Love

Powerful Prayer To Bring Back love

The powerful prayer to bring back lost love will help you get your lover back in your life. It will end all the problems between you and your lover. The prayer is very effective and gives immediate result. In case, you do not get any result you should seek immediate help of our astrologer. Just explain the complete scenario to him and he shall guide you and provide you with the best possible prayer to get back lost love.

If you have lost all hopes to win your love back, then the prayer to get back lost love will be of great help to you. It will revive your love life and everything will be back to normal.

Prayer To Get Back Lost Love

The pain and agony of losing a lover is tragic. You should have faith in the Almighty and pray for your love. The prayer to get back lost love will definitely bring your lover back in your life and rejuvenate your love life completely.

In case your lover has gone to another girl or boy leaving you, then also the powerful prayer to bring back lost love will serve your purpose well. He/ she will come back to you on his/ her own and never leave you again.

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