What Are Pitra Dosh Effects and How To Remove Pitra Dosh Through Remedies

You might have heard about the Pitra dosh and Pitras and how they affect our lives? So, we are going to discuss the Pitra dosh effects and remedies here. Pitra dosh refers to the conditions of misfortunes caused to the family members by the departed ancestors of a family. Pitra dosh occurs when the family members fail to observe the sharaadh ceremonies. It is believed that after death the ancestors wander in search of food and water in the Pitra lok.

What are The Effects of Pitra Dosh

The thirst and hunger can be removed only when the family members donate some offerings to the Brahmins during the Sharaadh ceremonies. It is said that the food, they donate to the priests and Brahmins reach the ancestors in the Pitra Lok. Therefore, the members of the family must observe the Sharaadh ceremonies and must donate some food to quench the thirst and hunger of their ancestors.

The effects of Pitra dosh can be disastrous and long lasting throughout the whole lives of family members. It can cause serious health issues to the family members. The family members see snakes in their dreams.  It can also result in loss of progeny or miscarriages in the family as it is said that the pitras tend to curse the family members.

How One Can Remove Pitra Dosh

Thus it becomes very important to remove the ill effects of Pitra dosh to save the family members from mishaps and troubles. So we are going to share with you some of the remedies on how to remove pitra dosh. It is believed that in the Pitra Lok the ancestors are allotted holidays for about 15 days. It occurs during the ashwin shukla paksha of the year. It is during these days that the family members can donate the offerings to Brahmins or poor people which ultimately goes to the ancestors. One can also feed the crows as it is believed that the ancestors take the form of crows and take the food which we give.

Pitra Dosh Remedies

If you are suffering from the effects of Pitra dosh and are not able to find any solutions for it then you can follow some of these pitra dosh remedies. These pitra dosha remedies will appease the ancestors and save you from their curses. Some o the pitra dosh remedies are given below:

  1. One must donate food, clothing and wealth to Brahmins or poor people during Amavasya.
  2. One must feed the crows as it is a good way to give this food to the departed souls.
  3. One must also feed the poor and hungry people as it is said that the food reaches ancestors.
  4. You can also chant these Pitra dosh mantras:
  5. Om Sarva Pitra Devtaabhayo Namah
  6. Om Pratham Pitra Narayanay Namah
  7. Om Namoh Bhagwate Vasudevay Namah

These Pitra dosh remedies will please the departed souls and cancel the effects of pitra dosh. After performing the pitra dosh, the family members can lead a peaceful life. If you are still afflicted with the pitra dosh then you can contact our pandit ji. He will provide you the best solutions on how to remove pitra dosh.

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