Effects of Shrapit Dosh and Remedies To Remove Shrapit Dosh

What are Effects of Shrapit Dosh

The Shrapit dosh or the shrapit yog is caused out of a curse given to a person in previous birth. It occurs when the person has committed some bad deeds in his past life. It can be seen in the horoscope of a person when the Saturn is in conjuct with Rahu in any house. Some astrologers believe that it is also caused when Saturn aspects Rahu. So we are going to discuss here what are the cause, effects and remedies of Shrapit dosh.

The presence of Saturn must be seen while making predictions Saturn is responsible for the major events of life. The effects of Shrapit dosh are so intense that it can nullify the other auspicious yoga in the horoscope. Even if a person is born with other good combinations, he or she may not enjoy the success or pleasures of life due to the presence of this strong and deadly combination in one’s horoscope.

Effects of Shrapit Dosh

The effects of Shrapit dosh can be adverse and can be reflected in the life of a person. Some of the serious effects which could be seen in the life of a person are:

  • Increase in divorce cases in the lifetime
  • The individual turning to be a widow or widower even if the horoscopes are matched properly.
  • Repeated miscarriages or loss of progeny.
  • The falling of sick of children repeatedly.
  • Increase in disputes or quarrels in the family for unknown reasons.
  • A person facing a lot of struggles in the professional and career front.

How to Remove Shrapit Dosh – Remedies To Remove Shrapit Dosh

The effects of shrapit dosh could be so disastrous in the life of a person. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take effective remedial measures on how to remove shrapit dosh. It is necessary to follow the shrapit dosha remedies to pacify its effects. You can definitely overcome this dosh by following these shrapit dosh remedies. It is important to give due respect to the elders and help the poor and disabled people to remove  shrapit dosha.

Some of the Shrapit dosha remedies are given below:

One must worship Shri Ramachandra Murthy. It can also cure Pitru dosha.

Kanya daan is also one of the ways to reverse the effects of Shrapit dosha.

The afflicted person must also chant the Hanuman mantra and perform the Rudrabhishekam ceremony to revert the bad effects of the shrapit dosha along with chanting the mantras of Yajurveda.

Shrapit Dosha Remedies

One can also recite the Shani mantra Om Praang Preeng Praung Sah Shanishcharaya Namah  for 108 times to calm and pacify Lord Shani.

The Rahu mantra is

Om Bhraang Bhreeng Bhraung Sah Rahvey Namah

You can also offer raw milk with water and black lentils to a Shivling every Monday.

One must feed rice balls made of cooked rice and ghee to fish and cows on Saturdays.

If in case you are still suffering with this dosh then you can consult our expert ji. He will provide you the best shrapit dosha remedies  for removing this dosha.

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