Salat Istikhara Dua For Husband Wife 

It takes time for both husband and wife to understand each other after an arranged marriage. When a couple is newly married, they begin to know each other well. And once they start knowing each other, they share everything among themselves. This means that they start trusting each other. It is very important that there should be love between husband and wife because without love it is very difficult to trust each other.

But some husbands and wives don’t love each other. They try to understand each other but after lot of efforts they are not able to love each other. In that case lot of problems occurs between husband and wives. They start to fight with each other. These fights become so severe that it leads to divorce. In order to solve this, husband and wife can take the help of istikhara dua for husband wife.

With the help of istikhara dua for husband wife, husband and wife will come to know that they should remain together and give their marriage a second chance or should take divorce and move on in live.

Salat Istikhara For Husband

We have often seen that after marriage husband love starts to fade away. He stops loving his wife. He treats her very badly. In order to regain the love of her husband wife can take the help of istikhara dua for wife. Similarly, we see that sometime wives start having extra marital affair which is unbearable for any husband in this world. In such situations you should perform salat istikhara for husband.

 Salat istikhara for husband helps you in deciding that what you should do in such circumstances. Every wife desires to get 100% love and care of her husband. Every woman wants her husband to be loyal with her. It is very difficult for any woman to tolerate a disloyal and cheating husband. But some women are not lucky to get the love of her husband. In that case wife should perform husband wife ke liye istikhara.

Husband Wife Ke Liye Istikhara

Islam has made the relation of marriage beautiful in the entire world. In this relationship wife and husband both have rights. Every woman has the right to get care and love of their husbands. They want affection from their husband. But some wives are not able to get the love and affection of their husband. So in that case wife can perform dua istikhara.

Some husbands also stop loving their wives because they start loving some other woman. This happens when husbands find them more attractive and beautiful than their wives. Sometimes they start loving other woman because of her richness. This is one of the biggest problem that wife has to face. In order to solve this wife can perform husband wife ke liye istikhara.

How to perform istikhara is given below –

Husband Wife Ke Liye Istikhara

  1. Firstly wife or husband anyone can perform this istikhara.
  2. Make a fresh wuzu.
  3. Read two rikat nafil namaz.
  4. After that read this Dua Istikhara for love which is like this- “Waal Kaazimeenaal Ghaaizaa Waal aaaafeenaa aanninaaaasi Waallaaho Yahibbul Mohsineen”.
  5. After that go to sleep.
  6. Insha Allah Allah SWT will show you results in your dreams.
  7. Do this istikhara for 8 days.

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